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Greetings dear readers,

We extend you a warm welcome to our June newsletter, where we embark on a journey, celebrating the tireless efforts of our Voice grantee partners in driving social change and fostering inclusion. This month, we delve into the latest updates, spanning various Communities of Practice (COP) and the dynamic realm of Linking and Learning. It has been a month brimming with passion, as Voice grantee partners have tirelessly worked to create a more equitable and inclusive society.
We urge you to take a moment to relax, enjoy a cup of your favorite beverage, and immerse yourself in the captivating stories of transformation. Join us as we honor the triumphs of our partners and the rightsholders they serve. May they ignite our commitment to a world where every voice matters.

The Gateway state plays host to the 5th Linking and Learning Event:

The 5th Voice Linking and Learning event, just like the previous editions, sparks a transformative journey of collaborative learning, empowerment, and innovation, uniting Voice grantee partners in Nigeria. Facilitated by Cognito and NINE, the event which took place first week of June, at Green Legacy Resorts, in Abeokuta, aimed to promote inclusion, participation, and equity for marginalized communities through the Voice program.

Participants reflected on their work, shared stories, and identified areas for growth. Collaborative sessions allowed for fruitful discussions and idea exchange. Grantee partners were excited to shared their proudest moments, challenges, and lessons learned, fostering vulnerability and inspiration amidsts cheers and encouragement from their peers

Diverse strategies were employed to highlight the amplification of rightsholders' voices via the Voice Naija digital platform, coaching, peer-to-peer learning, and the various Communities of Practice (COP).

The event emphasized innovation and learning from mistakes. Participants shared trials, triumphs, and lessons, contributing to continuous improvement and inspiring solutions for marginalized communities. It also served as a catalyst for collaborative learning, empowerment, and innovation. Participants gained insights, established connections, and developed a roadmap for future work. It highlighted the transformative potential of collective action and knowledge sharing, contributing to a more inclusive society in Nigeria.

Overall, the event showcased grantee partners' commitment to positive social change through collaborative learning and empowerment, setting a strong foundation for the future.

Elderly Community of Practice “Growth-Clinic” Workshop in Nigeria Paves the Way for Improved Care for Older Nigerians.

The Elderly Community of Practice (CoP) Workshop, held over two days in Abuja on June 14-15, 2023, saw significant progress in the efforts to improve care for older people in Nigeria. Facilitated by Cognito and NINE under the Voice linking and learning, the workshop aimed to foster collaboration, advocacy, and policy improvements, as well as enhance the accessibility of health and social care facilities for the elderly. The event brought together 64 participants from 36 organizations, comprising 23 males and 41 females. Through panel discussions, participants explored the diverse challenges faced by older individuals in different contexts, such as incarceration, IDP camps, rural communities, urban cities, cognitive loss, and disabilities. The workshop's outcomes included a deeper understanding of these realities, the identification of key issues, and the formulation of recommendations to develop effective policies and strategies for improving elderly care throughout Nigeria.

The Growth Clinic, a key component of the workshop, focused on promoting growth and development within the CoP for elderly care. Using the SOAR (self-reflection, opportunities, aspirations, and results) methodology, participants engaged in self-reflection, identified strengths and competencies, and explored opportunities for personal and organizational growth. Through interactive activities, such as post-it notes and flip-charts, participants shared their interests, competencies, and developmental needs, which culminated in a visual representation of the community's collective insights and aspirations. The second day of the workshop included presentations on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day and the role of Faith-Based Organizations in raising awareness about elder-care issues. Training sessions on caregiving skills covered various essential topics, providing valuable information and strategies to enhance the quality of care for older adults. As part of recommendations, particpants emphasized the adoption and implementation of legal frameworks to address elder abuse, the involvement of family members in care planning and delivery, as well as the recruitment and training of qualified personnel.

Overall, the workshop served as a platform for meaningful discussions, knowledge sharing, and the development of strategies to bring about positive change and improve the well-being of older Nigerians.

COSROPIN Shines Light on Elder Abuse for United Nations World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

This year's theme for the United Nations World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, "Addressing Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in Older Age - Policy, Law, and Evidence-Based Responses," recognizes the specific challenges faced by older individuals, especially older women, in relation to gender-based violence. The theme underscores the importance of comprehensive policies, legal frameworks, and evidence-based approaches to effectively address this issue. The ultimate objective is to create a world where older individuals are protected, respected, and valued, and where they can live free from the burden of gender-based violence.

Through their efforts, COSROPIN aims to shed light on elder abuse and promote a society that safeguards the rights and dignity of older persons, reaffirming the importance of addressing this pressing issue at both national and global levels.

Gender Justice Community of Practice propels Collaboration and Advocacy Against Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

The Voice Community of Practice on Gender Justice, organized a dynamic 2-Day Capacity Building and Knowledge Share Fair workshop on the 19th and 20th of June, which aimed at fostering collaboration, networking, and strengthening organizational capacities among stakeholders and Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) Desk Officers in Nigeria. With 55 participants, including 42 females, representing 37 stakeholder organizations, this initiative marked a significant step forward in the collective fight against gender inequality and the promotion of gender justice.

The workshop's keynote address emphasized the urgency of creating a gender-sensitive society, highlighting the importance of evidence-based approaches to bridge gender gaps and promote gender equality. Discussions centered around key concepts related to gender such as definition of gender, gender inclusivity, disability sensitivity, gender mainstreaming, gender transformative approaches, and grassroots mobilization. Participants identified common challenges, including limited awareness and understanding, policy implementation gaps, and the intersectionality of multiple forms of discrimination. The workshop resulted in a series of impactful recommendations, which included strengthening collaboration among organizations, policymakers, civil society, and communities; conducting capacity-building programs on gender mainstreaming and disability inclusion; continuously reviewing and implementing policies; and developing inclusive programs that are gender-responsive and disability-inclusive.

The event's second day focused on pressing concerns related to the adoption of gender policies and combating SGBV in Nigeria. Participants engaged in knowledge-sharing sessions, a SMART Advocacy Workshop, and lively discussions led by experts in the field. Presentations, such as the KASA Sexual Violence Survey Report, shed light on the prevalence and causes of SGBV, highlighting the need for a multi-sectoral approach involving collaboration between stakeholders, civil society organizations, NGOs, and government agencies.

By the end of this two-day workshop, thematic recommendations drawn from the event provide a clear roadmap for action. With a focus on addressing SGBV and related issues, strengthening capacities of member organizations, promoting gender mainstreaming and inclusive programming, utilizing research and evidence-based approaches, and engaging men as agents of change, Nigeria is taking significant strides towards building a more gender-inclusive society. The workshop's outcomes are poised to impact policy development, program implementation, and community-driven initiatives, ultimately contributing to the dismantling of gender inequalities and the establishment of a safer, more equitable Nigeria.

Thank you for taking the time to read this edition of the newsletter. We hope you found it informative and engaging. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Finally, we urge you to stay curious, stay connected, and as always, stay awesome!

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Cognito & NINE Team
(Linking and Learning Facilitator)

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