Community of practice for Women and Youths

The community of practice for women and youths centred discussions on how well changemakers could better the lives of women and youths in our surrounding communities as well as what grantees can do to better effect change according to each grantee thematic area. The following objectives were highlighted: - Working for marginalized Women and youths. - Impacting lives through positive change. - Shaping individual mindsets. - Amplifying voices of women and youths. - Empowering through skills acquisitions and entrepreneurship program Some key issues that may stand as stumbling block were identified thus: - Cultural Norm - Religious Norm - Societal Norm And in response to these challenges, the following solutions were proffered on how to go about reaching out to these individuals through the following avenues. - Telling stories through available platforms can help change the mindset of a certain society. - Using social media, radio shows and going to schools for talk shows. - Regular online and physical meetings between grantees to help foster close relationships on how we can come together to tackle pressing issues under this COP. The line of action that was agreed upon, as a result of this meeting, was that the grantees involved will have a meeting online via zoom to discuss what projects each grantee is currently working on and determine how interested grantees can come together to learn, innovate solutions and offer support as regards their thematic area of interest.



Timothy Avidime


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Posted on Thursday, March 3, 2022


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