Breaking Boundaries: The Creative Youth Bootcamp

Following the Intercultural Innovation Award, we received in November, 2021 by the United Nations Alliance for Civilization (UNAOC) and the BMW Group, we were empowered to organize another cohort of the Creative Youth Bootcamp: Art for social transformation.

The Creative Youth Bootcamp: art for social transformation is usually a six-week capacity building program for Nigerian youths aged 16-25, where they get exposed to all forms of the art, Music, dance, creative writing, visual arts, brand storytelling, etc. with the aim of inspiring them to make a sustainable living doing what they love. This particular edition focused more on collaborative content creation that fosters peace building, conflict resolution, inter-ethnic collaborations, Inter-religious harmony, cross-cultural dialogue, pluralism, gender equity, inclusion and global citizenship and we are proud to say that WE DID IT AGAIN.

From Monday, April 11, 2022 till Sunday, May 8, 2022; 25 young people convened for 4-weeks and co-created a stage play, titled “Mtchew: Rage of ignorance” and the second season of our favorite drama series; Omo, this is real life. We are super proud of these young people and know this for a fact, they will go out there and make a sustainable living doing what they love and we cannot wait to see it.

Click on this LINK to watch a report of their graduation ceremony. 



Anthony Chielo


I am the Community Engagement and Outreach Officer of Street Project Foundation. An ardent lover of the Arts

Posted on Friday, June 3, 2022


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