**Youth Ethics and Anti-Corruption Program** YEAP raises the consciousness of young people to the importance of rule of law, good governance, human rights and anti-corruption towards development. **YEAP FOCUS AREAS** 1. RULE OF LAW Promotes rule of law and empowers young people to identify, prevent and fight abuse of law at all levels. [View Rule of Law Projects](http://www.csaaeinc.org/yeap/hra) 2. HUMAN RIGHTS Promotes respect for human rights and empowers young people to identify, prevent and fight abuse of human rights at all levels. [Human Rights Projects](http://www.csaaeinc.org/yeap/hra) 3. ANTI-CORRUPTION Raises awareness of the consequences of corruption and empowers young people to identify, resist, prevent and fight corruption. [Anti-Corruption Projects](http://www.csaeeinc.org/yeap/hra) 4. GOOD GOVERNANCE Promotes civic engagement and empowers young people to hold government at all levels accountable. **YOUTH ETHICS & ANTI-CORRUPTION NETWORK** A group of young people dedicated to identifying, preventing and fighting corruption, bad governance, abuse of law and human rights in the communities. [Join YEAN](http://www.csaaeinc.org/yeap/hra) YOUTH ETHICS DEBATE (YED) The aim of YED is to promote ethical discourse in Africa. It is our hope that the arguments and positive inferences from the debate will shape public policy and morality. [Apply for YED 2021](http://www.csaaeinc.org) **HUMAN RIGHTS YOUTH ANCHORS** CSAAE is pleased to welcome applications for Human Rights Youth Anchors who will lead local initiatives to track and monitor human rights violations arising from police brutalities across the five South-Eastern states in Nigeria. [APPLY HERE](http://www.csaaeinc.org/yeap/hra) CSAAE in the News: [Facebook](http://www.facebook.com/csaae) [Twitter](http://twitter.com/csaaeinc) [Instagram](http://instagram.com/csaaeinc)



Uba Nnamani


Communications Manager, Sorosoke. I help individuals and organizations tell their stories and reach more people. I am a lover of the sea and everything techy.

Posted on Friday, February 4, 2022


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