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By Cognito . On Friday, October 6, 2023

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Welcome to the September edition of the Voice Naija Newsletter, a beacon of knowledge and inspiration. This month, we are thrilled to share stories of empowerment and transformation that have shaped our community.

The Gender Mobile Initiative (GMI) has achieved remarkable milestones as it concluded its year-long campaign, "Amplifying Female Students' Voices on Sexual Harassment Prevention and Response." Through this initiative, we've witnessed the power of education and advocacy in combatting sexual harassment on campuses. Female student leaders have been equipped with the tools to drive change, fostering critical conversations and building safer academic environments.

Data analysis is an essential tool for data-driven advocacy, as it helps to identify problems, measure impact, and communicate solutions.  The Voice community coaching session titled, "Harnessing Data to Boost Your Social Impact," delved deep into the world of data monitoring, evaluation, learning/ data visualization, emphasizing its pivotal role in shaping effective communication, transparency, and evidence-based solutions. The session has empowered our community to drive change with a greater focus on monitoring, evaluation and data visualization. .

Speaking of community, a recent workshop brought together diverse voices from four Community of Practice (CoP) groups: Social Justice, Gender Justice, Persons with Disability (PWD), and Elderly on 11-13 September in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. The workshop aimed at amplifying the collective impact of the CoPs on issues of social justice, gender equality, disability rights, and elderly support, to broaden the learning agenda for all CoP members and Voice grantees, and, address any identified gaps needed to strengthen the learning community and to incorporate sustainability plans for the CoPs. The group effort that emerged from this workshop promises to propel us toward shared learning as each CoP developed their learning agendas and sustainability work plans to guide their activity over the next season.


In a significant stride towards gender equality in workplaces, Nigeria has unveiled the National Workplace Gender Policy, a collaborative effort that aims to eliminate gender-based violence and promote inclusive and prosperous work environments. This initiative underscores the importance of collaborative efforts and equal opportunities for all.

As you delve into the stories and updates in this edition, we invite you to stay engaged, stay curious, and stay awesome. Together, we are shaping a brighter future.

Gender Mobile Initiative (GMI) Closes Year-Long Campaign Empowering Female Students Against Sexual Harassment.

The Gender Mobile Initiative (GMI) recently concluded its groundbreaking campaign aimed at empowering female students to combat sexual harassment effectively tagged “Amplifying Female Students Voices.” Under the Voice-funded project, female student leaders received training in campus organizing, bystander intervention, and psychosocial first aid support. This initiative facilitated critical conversations through town hall meetings across various campus locations, fostering resonance with a diverse university population.

Photos showing campus ambassadors participating in the event and collecting their certificates of achievement during the course of the program

In a close-out event held in Abuja on September 21st, stakeholders onboarded female student leaders on a survivor-centered reporting tool and discussed project learnings, challenges, and feedback. Omowumi Ogunrotimi, the Lead Director of GMI, emphasized the ongoing commitment to creating an environment where every student can thrive without fear. The Voice Global Program Manager, Oxfam Novib's Ishita Dutta, encouraged students and stakeholders to actively engage in addressing sexual harassment issues, underscoring the project's collaborative spirit as a platform to drive change within academic institutions and beyond.

Group photo showing during the close-out ceremony, showing the campus Ambassadors, Gender Mobile team, Voice Global team, Voice Nigeria representatives and stakeholders and other Voice grantee partners.

The close out event also saw other voice grantee partners such as Cognito and the Africa Caribbean Heritage Alliance (ACHA) in attendance to witness its success.

Here is a short video documentary showcasing the activities of the Gender Mobile Initiative during the course of the program.

Unlocking the Power of Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning/ Data Visualization for Social Impact: Insights from Voice September Coaching Session

In a world where data-driven advocacy is gaining momentum, the September virtual coaching session, titled "Harnessing Data to Boost Your Social Impact," illuminated the path toward creating meaningful change backed by robust evidence. This coaching session, a key approach of Linking and Learning, was hosted by Cognito and it featured insights from Job Muriithi, Voice Regional M&E Officer, and Dr. Seun Asala, CEO/Creative Director of Cognito, as they guided participants through the intricacies of Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning, and Data Visualization. The session underscored the pivotal role of data in advocacy, emphasizing that harnessing the capabilities of data can propel initiatives to new heights.

Flyer showing details of the coaching session and a screenshot of participants during the virtual session

The session culminated with a focus on data visualization, emphasizing its role in effectively communicating information, enhancing transparency, and revealing trends within data. Participants were advised to set clear goals, use accurate data, keep visualizations simple, and select the appropriate charts or graphs. Ultimately, this coaching session shed light on how data analysis and visualization can elevate social interventions by offering evidence-based solutions, engaging diverse audiences, and empowering communities. It underscored the transformative power of data in reshaping the narrative of advocacy and fostering positive change.

For those who missed it, the recording of the coaching session is available here for further exploration and a comprehensive article can be found on the Voice naija platform.

An  Innovative Workshop Brings Together Voice Communities of Practice

Voice Linking and Learning Facilitators, Cognito, put together a remarkable convergence of four Community of Practice (CoP) groups: Social Justice, Gender Justice, Persons with Disability (PWD), and Elderly. The Communities of Practice participated in an innovative three-day workshop where representatives from these CoPs came together to share learnings,  foster collaboration, amplify their collective impact, and plan for the future.

Photos showing participants of different Voice Community of Practice (CoP) groups during the workshop and leaders of all the 4 CoPs during the set-back fair session.

The intensive workshop became a crucible for the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and expertise, as each CoP charted out comprehensive learning agendas and strategic work plans. This strategic gathering aimed to not only fortify the connections among these diverse CoPs but also propel them towards shared goals.

Photos showing the Elderly CoP, the Persons with Disability CoP, the Gender Justice CoP and the Sociaal Justice CoP respectively.

As the dust settles from this immersive experience, it is clear that the workshop has left an indelible mark on the CoPs. The event empowered these Communities of Practice to refine their objectives and strategies, instilling a profound sense of direction and purpose among them.

Photo showing participants on the first day of the workshop

The Voice Community of Practice groups foster cooperation among distinct yet interrelated organizations and sets the stage for a future where their combined efforts promise to make an even greater impact on the world of social justice, gender equality, disability rights, and elderly support. 

Photo showing Voice Linking and Learning facilitators (Cognito) team members present during the workshop.

Gender Justice Champions: Nigerian National Workplace Gender Policy Unveiled with Participatory Role of Gender Justice Community of Practice.

In a significant stride towards fostering gender equality and inclusivity in Nigeria's workplaces, the Federal Government of Nigeria has introduced the National Workplace Gender Policy, a collaborative effort between the Federal Ministries of Labour & Employment and Women Affairs, along with various government agencies and esteemed partners like Oxfam, Poise Nigeria, and the Center for Gender, Women, and Children in Sustainable Development. The policy document, meticulously reviewed and validated on Tuesday, September 19, 2023, in the capital city of Abuja, aims to enhance national productivity, stimulate economic growth, and promote increased organizational performance while eliminating gender-based violence in workplaces. Mrs. Juliana Adebambo, representing the Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment, highlighted the policy's significance in narrowing the gender labor gap and harnessing the potentials of both men and women for nation-building. This initiative builds upon the revision of the National Gender Policy in 2021 and reflects the government's commitment to fostering gender equality in the workforce.

Photos showing Gender Justice representatives present during the event and Mrs. Juliana Adebambo speaking on behalf of the Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment.

The Country Director of Oxfam, Tijjani Hamza Ahmed, emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing gender issues, viewing it as a human rights and social justice concern rather than a matter exclusive to one gender. Gender expert and lead consultant, Prof. Olabisi Aina, further emphasized the policy's focus on equal opportunities and equitable workplace conditions for all, recognizing the strength that diversity and inclusivity bring. The National Workplace Gender Policy signifies a critical step towards a more inclusive, prosperous, and equitable Nigerian workplace, promising a brighter future for all citizens.

Tijjani Hamza Ahmed, Country Director of Oxfam in Nigeria, and Prof. Olabisi Aina, Gender expert and Lead Consultant.

Here is a link to more updates on this on the Voice naija platform.

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