Arinze Okafor, A SUSO Activist, Uses Nnekata Performance Art To Promote PVC Awareness And Encourage Young People In Enugu State To Get Involved In Politics.

By NG YouthSDGs On Friday, December 9, 2022

#SpeakUpStandOutNG Testimonial - ARINZE OKAFOR (SUSO ACTIVIST)

  • We recount how amazing it was for you to seek creative ways of getting young people to register for their PVCs. What stirred your commitment to that course?

Well, as someone who works in the corridors of civic society and equally a creative practitioner, as an artist, using my craft and putting my skills to work where it would be beneficial to my community and beyond is something I always look out to and am eager to do. You know, using art as my voice to address social issues and pass messages. And another beautiful thing is that people want something they can experience differently, beautiful sceneries,  memories they would always speak about in excitement. 

  • How were you able to convince young people to get registered for PVC?

As I said, people want something different, interactive and exciting simultaneously. Whenever my team and I go out for awareness, I usually paint the faces or hands of the people we are to interact with. Engaging them this way makes it easier for us to address them and direct them on how to register for PVC. Most times, we register them online on the spot and direct them on how to go about the capturing process. 

  • How did this drive other young people to be part of the process?

People got interested and applauded our efforts. Even some other young people are reaching out to co-create something more significant to reach a wider audience. It's all a process, but there's a positive possibility that co-creating with other young people will amplify the work more. 

  •  What plans do you have for the next step (collection of PVCs)?

We intend to launch a campaign on PVC collection using flash exhibitions, awareness drives, radio talks, and the operation to show your PVC challenge, where people are meant to do videos with their PVCs and get data stipends. 

  • How has this shaped your passion & commitment to community development and social change from now on?

The project made me look more into my community, observing how things are being done, noting the loopholes, and researching for a better solution. Like I am now unconsciously delving into community development affairs to proffer possible solutions to issues without knowing until the matter is resolved. LoL. 

Arinze Okafor

SUSO Activist, Governance


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