Peaceful Rally Demonstrating Demands for Cessation of Police Brutality

By Yayock Bernard On Wednesday, May 4, 2022

One of the aim of the Know Your Right Project is to train the youths and underprivileged people in the society on how to assert their constitutional rights by demonstrating their dissatisfaction with government or other authorized bodies. Participants of the project were guided and assigned to be at the forefront of organizing a peaceful and orderly demonstration rally in accordance with the Nigerian law. This is intended to ensure that the actions of youths, women, and underprivileged communities aligns with the law of the country.

The project participants champion the entire coordination and execution of a peaceful rally demonstration in Bauchi Metropolis, from notification of the event to relevant authorities such as the Nigerian Police Force, the Army, the Department of State Services, the Federal Road Safety Commission, Community leaders, Religious leaders, and the coordination of individual statements to the coordination of a mass demonstrations rally.

Through a variety of techniques, including the use of jingles in many radio stations, public awareness campaigns and the distribution of fliers, the rally had been planned ahead of time. This sparked a big surge in attendance from the general public, with an estimated 1,000 persons in attendance. The demonstration began at one of the city's largest market places and ended at the Emir's palace in Bauchi, covering a distance of nearly 12 kilometers. When the rally came to a halt before the Emir's palace, the Emir was wonderfully represented by Dan Buran of Bauchi, who encouraged and pledged the Emirate Council's complete support in eradicating police violence in the state.

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Yayock Bernard

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